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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 29, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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see the pre-thanksgiving night 2009 tiger. it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist and this is the show that like our leaders on capitol hill was up late into the night except we were watching the real housewives of new york. still, we were up late. did you hear what ramona said to jill in i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me, let me know what you're doing up that the hour. you can also did what tea party republicans do and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this friday, july 29th. a lot to tell you about today including news of another plot to attack ft. hood. we'll tell you how that was broken up. plus congressman paul ryan takes to the floor of the house to
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propose covering the moon in yogurt. yes, he said that. we'll show you what he meant a bit later in the show. first let's get to news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. with just four days to go until the august 2nd deadline, house republicans have called off a vote on speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling. the vote was scheduled for 6:00 last night, but was delayed repeatedly since speaker boehner did not have the 216 votes he needed to get the thing passed. eric cantor is now advising members that the house will be in session this weekend. something we expected. the front passenger of this morning's "usa today" reads drama muddles debt fate. the paper and others reporting on boehner's ongoing arm twisting to get some of his conservative colleagues to pass this bill. speaker's proposal that did not make to the floor involved two steps. the first includes a $900
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billion increase to the debt ceiling. and $917 billion in spending cuts over ten years. the second step is a $1.6 trillion increase which is contingent upon congress passing an additional $1.8 trillion in cuts. in an emergency meeting of the house rules committee last night, david drier said his party understands it's imperative to raise the debt ceiling, but he doesn't know why some members are still against it. >> as we all know, we were expecting a vote this evening. and the votes obviously were not there. we don't have the votes for a number of reasons. sdl you c . >> can you tell us why? >> the short answer is, no, i can't tell you exactly why because there are reasonses from different people. indiana republican congressman mike pencp compared the negotiations to the old sausage saying reporters that house republicans will meet this
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morning to look at their options moving forward. >> our objectives remain the same. we are determined to find a way to pay the nation's bills, but to do that in a fiscally responsible way, do it without more taxes and to pass the kind of spending reforms and caps and to pass a balanced budget amendment. we'll be discussing that in the morning and i remain opt miss take that we'll find a way forward. >> nancy pelosi says she hopes the delayed vote will bring republican ares back to the table to negotiate a bipartisan balanced agreement. she said republicans have taken to the brink of economic chaos. the delay must end now so we can focus on the american people's top priority, creating jobs and growing the economy. meanwhile the senate waited around last night to vote on that house bill, but a little before 11:00, majority leader harry reid dismissed senators apologizing for the long night. >> we've been waiting for the
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house to conduct their business and they're having trouble conducting it. as a result not sending us the bill we needed, we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to do our work. >> all right. so a long day and night up on capitol hill. chuck todd was there covering it correspondent and he joins us by phone from washington. i know you've been up late. thanks so much for getting up this morning. >> hey, "way too early." >> it all blends together for you at this point. already, chuck, help us out. john boehner is behind closed doors fighting the tea party trying to get the extra votes. he can't come up with them last night. what changes today? how is he going to convince them to come around on this bill? >> they're contemplating two, quote, fixes to the boehner bill to try to make it amenable to anywhere from two to eight republicans that they are short of these conservatives. the two fixes have to do with a
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sharper cut in pell grant money, pell grants, what you get -- a lot of college students use that to help pay for college. government loans. and the second is potentially turning this issue of the balanced budget amendment and in their bill saying it has to actually be sent to the states. actually pass before the house and senate before they'll consider one more debt ceiling vote. the bill was already dead on arrival, although you could argue how dead it was really going to be. if you put the balanced budget amendment language in there that i truly just described, it true sli a poisoned pill, meaning the legislation has no chance and it will get sent back. so i do think you brought up the issue of the senate vowing that it was going to kill it the minute it was sent over. i actually think that helped whip votes against us with conservatives who said why am i going to walk the plank for
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something that's going to get essentially tabled or shoved aside or voted down by the senate. minutes after i vote for something i'm not contractible with voting for anyway. >> given what you said, all this fighting we saw yesterday, the debate within the republican party and over the last couple day, doesn't it become moot if there's a poison pill and the senate has already said they are this is dead on arrival? >> what they're fighting for is leverage. mitch mcconnell and boehner basically decided it's the two of them versus the white house and harry reid about who is going on control this end game. who is -- this file will, is it going to have a second vote for a debt ceiling in six months or not. what is this, quote, trigger going to look like on spending cuts. if it's harry reid and the president that get to dictate the terms of the last five days of this and where this goes and what the bill looks like, you know, it's going to have a debt ceiling all way to the end, all
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the way through 2013, what the president wants. if it doesn't, mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate and bi-boehner think they can sort of jam the president and force another vote in six months. and that's really what this is. it's a game leverage. republicans really believe if boehner can send this bill over, he at least can say, see, we're not -- everybody says we're holding this thing hostage, we're the ones that caused this political issue and turned it into an economic crisis, they think they can have leverage. and that's really what they're about to lose. and i'll tell you as far as timing, they have about three or four hours to get this done this morning. mitch mrk con he will knows when to fold and he and harry reid will put something together so fast that suddenly the irony to this is the tea party may screw
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up the end game where we're into the actually going to go i believe midnight august 2nd. >> so what's the most likely outcome of all this, they'll be working through the weekend. what do you see if you look into the chuck todd crystal ball? >> i think it was going to be sunday at the earliest that we saw some actual movement on negotiations. if boehner had sent over his bill and if he does, basically save boehner's skin on this, fighting reid for at least 24 hours. and then sometime saturday, it will be clear to mcconnell that he's got enough republicans on his sided that are just tired of this. we already heard some of the frustration with the tea party boil over in john mccain's speech a couple nights ago.
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he's speaking not just for john mccain. there are a lot saying let's cut this deal and go home. so i think by sunday we will see this plan come together. now, the question as i go back is who will have more leverage. i think already reid and the democrats will have more leverage simply because it's clear whatever boehner does to try to get it through this side of the house, and he may not, he may end up just pulling the plug on it, it's going to be so hard to get through the senate that reid will find republicans to help him. and i think it starts criticalizing on sunday. my guess something is on the president's desk by monday after a lot of house democrats and only about 100 house republicans get this thing over the line. >> and just in the nick of time. incredible night last night, chuck. appreciate you being with us. >> okay. the break down in the house could mean big losses on wall street and beyond. for more on today's trading
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session, a lot of people watching how all this affects markets, geoff cutmore is live for us in london. >> reporter: good morning. you know the markets would like to see some resolution on this, as well. the meant that the boehner deal seemed to be falling apart, we saw the u.s. futures go negative and that's where they remain at this point. the european market open also has been very lackluster. we're in negative territory and it ain't about the earnings. it's all about getting a settlement to the debt ceiling story. >> and a lot of this country's ceos of the biggest banks are starting to chime in. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, it's been a very tough period for the banks as you know. a lot of people still feel they have a big hand in the responsibility for the credit crisis. but so many years away from that, they are looking to gain from a pickup in the u.s. growth
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story. but if the debt ceiling issue doesn't get resolved, fears that it would hold back invest himself that will mean third quarter and fourth quarter earnings are significantly lower than they might have expected. that would have a big impact on the u.s. growth story, they say a default on the nation's obligations or a downgrade of the american credit rating would be a tremendous blow to business and investor confidence. so the bank ceos just throwing in their worth. everybody wants to seal the deal at this point. back to you. >> thank, geoff. all eyes on washington. other news for you. police have arrested an awol soldier expected of planning an attack on ft. hood. he's army private nassar jason abdo. he had been stationed at fort campbell and was already charged by the mill it taker for possessing child pornography. police picked up the 21-year-old
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in his hotel room where they found large quantities of ammunition, weapons and possible bomb making materials. authorities say they were al lerl lettered to abdo after he visited the same store where major hasan bought a gun prior to that 2009 attack at ft. hood that killed 13 people. police believe abdo was looking to, quote, get even at his fellow soldiers and was targeting ft. hood specifically because of the 2009 shooting. he's now expected to face federal charges. still ahead, tiger woods noun announces he's coming back. during which he fired the caddie who stood by his side during the whole stripperses and cocktail waitresses thing. we'll see if tiger's ready to get back to the tiger of old. plus jon stewart takes on the movie theme that we've been talking about so much about in the death debate. chuck schumer breaking down the plot of the town for us. that story and a check on
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weather when "way too early" on comes right back. >> i diane that frances take these phillip arthur george to be my wedded husband.
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city today. so appreciate the clouds. >> appreciate the clouds. wow. >> sometimes you want this. sometimes you don't want to sit in the sun. well, good morning, everyone. i'll explain a little further in a second. first off, tropical storm don, this couldn't even do the right thing. it was supposed to head to texas and bring us rain. most of the rain will hit mexico instead. the only relief is laredo to brownsville. the forecast in the hurricane center has it making landfall right around midnight tonight. again, this is not bringing the relief we were hoping for. here's the forecast. let me explain this for everyone. if you're cloudy and rainy, you'll be cooler. 80s, maybe around 90. washington, d.c., your heat index will be 110. so if you're cloudy and raining, be happy because if the temperature comes out, your temperature will sky rocket in a hurry, it will bb 103 in raleigh, still 100 in d.c.,
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thunderstorms in the great lakes. and taking you through your weekend, saturday everyone dries out in the northeast and mid-atlantic, humidity levels begin to come down a little bit. as we take a look at sunday's forecast, much of the country looks to be summer like, but nothing too brutal. so we have our weather lesson of the day. we're good now? >> appreciate the clouds. that should be the name of your memoir. appreciate the clouds. it will be muggy, though, with that rain. >> it's very muggy. but you don't want the sun. >> we can fight about the later. bill, thanks so much. time for sports. tiger woods ready to return to the gulf court next week at the wgc bridge stone invitational. he writes feeling fit and ready to tee it up at fire stone next week. excited to get back out there. woods has won seven times at fire stone in akron, ohio. although it's always where last year he had his career worst 72 hole performance where he finished 18 over par. as for his caddie, there are
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reports that tiger's friend brian bell will be felling in for the fired steve williams. taking over for steve williams. williams was not pleased at being let go by teaguer after he stood by during, well, the troubles of the last year and a half. to the nfl where many players will be finding themselves in new uniforms next season. chad ochocinco and albert haynesworth find new homes in new england. bill belichick taking both of those guys under his wings. considered problem players in the past. and if anyone can make it work, i guess it's belichick. reggie bush close to a deal that would take his talents to south beach as the dolphins are close to signing the running back from the saints. and foon and he will, the trade everyone knew was going to happen, the cardinals get kevin kolb from the phillies -- sxhu me, the eagles. that would be strange. in exchange for dominique rodgers-cromartie and a second
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round pick. the giants beat the phillies. red sox lost. coming up on "morning joe," john boehner brought in the pizzas for a long night of arm twisting with his own party, but went home without the votes. so what happens today? we'll discuss that with our crew. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to hear congressmen paul ryan propose on the house floor that we cover the moon in yogurt. umm. that clip when "way too early" comes right back. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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we've talked an awful lot about the staggers amount of debt here in the united states, so to whom exactly do we owe all that money? after the federal government, much of the money goes abroad. if you want to sound smart, it tell your friends of the $14.3 trillion the u.s. owes creditor, one-third of that money goes to porn creditors with china, japan, and the uk the top three holders of u.s. debt. that's according to the treasury department which notes that china's number one creditor with $1.2 trillion followed by japan with $912 billion and the uk with $346 billion. let's huddle around the water cooler and get to some of our strange exchanges of yesterday's strange day of debt dealing on capitol hill. we begin with congressman paul
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ryan, republican star of wisconsin, proposing -- he's talking about the an surdy of things we're talking about and also what he calls gimmicks on the democratic side, he says it's fuzzy math. throws out something else. >> i've got a better idea. let's pass a bill to cover the moon with yogurt that will cost $5 trillion today. and then let's pass a bill the next day to cancel that bill. we can save $5 trillion. wait, i got a better idea. our debt is $14 trillion. let's come up with a new plan to spend $14 trillion, then rescind it the next day and let's save $14 trillion. >> that's something we can all get behind, covering the moon yogurt. i'm in. republican mike kelly of pennsylvania, he played football for notre dame. he was trying to fire up the troops yesterday among house republicans reaching back it
2:55 am
golden domers. >> hold that sign up. it says play like a champion today. that's not a notre dame message, that's an american message. and we're going to play like a champion every day, every day that the 112th congress is in session, we'll play like a champion. we're here today not because of something we want to win, because we're going to refuse to lose what's already out there for us, refuse to lose the country that we fought for, refuse to lose a country that our parents fought for and refuse to lose the future for our children. >> last night on "the daily show," jon stewart picked up on the movie trend. first house republicans watched the scene in the town. a couple days later jay carney talked about sophie's choice. jon stewart picked up on all of it with chuck schumer. >> the democratic response to the republicans use of that clip from the movie the town did lead to one of my favorite recent moments on cable news.
2:56 am
i give you chuck schumer's movie break down show. >> in the scene, they chose to inspire their house freshmen, one of the crooks gives a pep talk to the other right before they both put on hockey masks, bludgeon two men with sticks, and shoot a man in the leg. >> join us next week when i, chuck assume, revishu schumer, i classic the star wars. in this film, a large asthmatic man dressed in black plastic cuts the arm off of a boy wearing pajamas with some type of a glow stick. and here's the part you won't believe. the man in the suit is the boy's father. >> pretty good summary. still ahead on "way too early,"
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